Sending log reports

Timeline Logger includes a Django management command that you can add to a cronjob, or trigger manually when you want, to send reports via email about your site usage to those people you want.

Report mailing

The management command can be called like this in “default” mode:

python report_mailing

In this mode, only those Django system users marked as “staff” member and “superuser” will be notified via email. You can change this default behaviour by using some command arguments and Django project Settings.


The command options are:

  • --all: Send notification emails to all users registered in the system.
  • --staff: Send notification emails only to the system users marked as is_staff=True.
  • --recipients_from_setting: Send notification emails to those email addresses listed in TIMELINE_DIGEST_EMAIL_RECIPIENTS setting.

Custom email notifications

In case you don’t like the default look and feel of the HTML notification email, you can design your own template and place it in your project templates/timeline_logger/ directory using the name notifications.html.