Timeline Logger default behaviour can also be customized by using the next application settings in your project:

  • TIMELINE_DEFAULT_TEMPLATE: defines the Django template used for the standard logs message. Defaults to timeline_logger/default.txt.
  • TIMELINE_DIGEST_EMAIL_RECIPIENTS: defines a fixed list of email addresses that must be notified when running the report_mailing command, without any else being notified at all. Could be system registered users or not. Defaults to None.
  • TIMELINE_DIGEST_EMAIL_SUBJECT: a string defining a subject for the notification email. Defaults to “Events timeline”.
  • TIMELINE_DIGEST_FROM_EMAIL: the “sender” email that will be used to send the notifications. Defaults to None, and then if it’s not set it will use Django’s DEFAULT_FROM_EMAIL setting “webmaster@localhost”.
  • TIMELINE_PAGINATE_BY: the number of log entries that will be shown for each page in your http://localhost:8000/timeline view. Defaults to 25.
  • TIMELINE_USER_EMAIL_FIELD: in case you are using a custom Django User model with the user email stored in a specific field, it allows you to specify such field. Defaults to 'email'.